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Publish Date : Saturday, 08.April 2017 12:04
Marcopolo Iran Tours attended several international events in the last Iranian year, 1395 (2016-17).

Marcopolo Iran Tours attended several international events in the last Iranian year, 1395 (2016-17).

The last year was a highlight for Marcopolo tourism group and a variety of many different programs and activities was set and done successfully. Here is a short-list of these international events, sorted by date.

April 10, 2016; Marcopolo Health Tourism attended the international tourism exhibition of the Republic of Azerbaijan in Baku to present Iran’s health tourism attractions.

April 18, 2016; Participating actively in China Outband Travel and Tourism Market (COTTM) in Beijing.

May 6, 2016; Meeting with a group of South Korean managers of travel agencies and tourism companies.

May 23, 2016; Hosting a meeting with a group of international hotels including Arora Amit, one of the managers of Starwood Hotels Group in Middle East. The meeting was on information exchange, and possible capacities of cooperation and issues of hotel industry.

June 6, 2016; Marcopolo hosted the ambassador of Cypress in Tehran to negotiate about developing tourism in Iran and Cyprus.

September 20, 2016; Attending IFTM Top Resa 2016 in Paris. IFTM Top Resa is a leading international B2B  tourism exhibition in France.

October 8, 2016; Marcopolo hosted a group of Swiss Tourism Organization managers to talk about tour operating issues and tourism development.

November 22, 2016; Meeting with the President of Slovenia, Minister of Foreign Affairs and delegation at Espinas Palace Hotel.

January 11, 2017; Marcopolo Iran Tours had an active attendance for the 2nd consecutive time at Ferien Messe Wien 2017 at Vienna.

January 18, 2017; Marcopolo participated actively at Fitur 2017 in Spain.

February 7, 2017; Dinner banquet in honor of the Tourism Minister of South Africa and the side talk in Yas Restaurant in Tehran.

March 6, 2017; Marcopolo Health Tourism managers attended the International Health Tourism in India.

March 8, 2017; Marcopolo Iran Tours dazzled at ITB Berlin. ITB is known as the largest and most popular travel exhibition around the world.

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